Product Details

Organic Mustard Oil

Botanical Name: Brassica

Hindi Name: Mustard Oil, Sarso (Hindi)

Harvesting Period: Harvested from mid February to mid April

Shelf Life: 18 months

Packaging: 20Kg- Drum Packaging.


Organic Mustard Oil (Brassica) is a common staple oil in India, Rome and Greece for centuries and is used as a culinary and therapeutic agent. It is extracted from Mustard seeds and has a unique nutty flavour and optimum ratio of omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids; it has low content of saturated fats. Mustard seeds are harvested from mid-February to mid-April. It is 100 percent certified organic and cold pressed mustard oil, made from the finest quality mustard seeds sourced from certified organic farms across India.