Product Details

Organic Onion Granules

Botanical Name: Allium Cepa

Hindi Name: Onion Granules

Harvesting Period: Harvested during November to January months and second during January to May months.

Shelf Life: 18 months

Packaging: 10kg/ 25kg/ 50kg - Paper Bag


Organic Onion Granules (Allium cepa) is an important ingredient in the cuisine of almost every culture, onions take many forms in the kitchen, from fresh to minced to powdered. Onion powder is made with only premium white onions. Finely granulated, it blends well with sauces, soups and other spices. They have a pungent odour and in some communities onions are considered as an aphrodisiac. They are harvested during November to January and during January to May months.