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Organic Tamarind Paste

Bulk Organic Tamarind Paste

Organic Tamarind Paste is made from tamarind that provide sweet flavor to dish. We Agronic Food believe in providing organic tamarind paste which is pure, a unique experience in taste and delicious in USA because real food is only organic. We also supply bulk organic tamarind paste in different countries with USA like UK, Mexico, Canada and other with attractive offers as a result to make future bright with organic food.  We believe in reducing waste so that health benefits can be provided to society in USA. For example, seed of tamarind used by pharmaceutical companies to produce medicines. For buying Bulk organic tamarind paste you can contact us in India and USA.  It’s always better when its natural and you can trust organic to live healthy.

Organic Tamarind Paste (Tamarindus indica) is made from Tamarind which is a sour – sweet fruit pod. Tamarind imparts a tangy – sweet flavour to a dish. It is also known as the Indian date. The Tamarind tree is native to Africa but also grows in India, Pakistan and many other tropical regions. The tamarind sauce made from organic tamarind is pure in flavor, delicate in taste, rich and delicious. Tamarind paste tastes very sour, with a somewhat citrusy taste. It does have notes of smoke and caramel as well, making for a complex flavor profile. For more details about other organic products visit our website. This product is the type of Organic Moong Dal.

There are many surprising health benefits of tamarind. Different parts of the tamarind can be used for the health benefits. For example, the organic tamarind paste contains  multiple health benefits and reduces serious illness like cancer.  The seeds of tamarind used by the pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing of medicine related to coronary illness, malignancy and diabetes. The seed concentrate may likewise help lower glucose, which helps to reduce the body fat. Used as a flavoring agent, it adds a sweet and sour tinge to all Indian dishes. This ready-to-use organic paste is a healthy and handy alternative over the tedious tamarind paste making process.

Tamarindus indica is most likely native to tropical Africa, yet has been developed for such a long time on the Indian subcontinent that it is now and then answered to be native there. Agronic Food is known for supplying an array of premium quality of tamarind paste USA, which is totally organic. The packaging of 10kg / 25kg / 50kg is available. Self life of tamarind is 18 months.  We supply bulk organic tamarind paste to various countries such as USA, UK, Mexico, Canada etc.

The health benefits offered by tamarind are generally negligible but this sour fruit is helpful to alleviate functions of the heart and liver. Organic tamarind paste has no fat contents and rich in fiber. On daily consumption of organic tamarind paste provides aid in reducing weight. It also offers an effective role in managing blood sugar levels and digestion. Tamarind contains high potassium content which helps in building a healthy heart. Bulk organic tamarind paste is available for our clients to place orders at attractive discount rates. This organic tamarind paste comes with a longer shelf life by which you can experience numerous health benefits. Contact us to Buy Organic tamarind paste bulk wholesale in India & the USA. We are also providing organic turmeric powder on B2B services in India & the USA.