Organic Rice Wholesale

Rice acts as a favourite choice of most people. Well, isn’t it exciting to get your favourite with the magic of healthy elements? Isn’t it? Thus, here, at Agronic food, we offer our clients with the yummy variety of organic rice that promises the health benefits with the flavour of mouth-watering taste. From the organic Tarawari brown rice to the organic sonamasuri white rice, we have a collection of every best thing. We are the leading wholesaler, supplier and exporter in India of the organic black rice. Thus, make your order now and add the magic of healthy rice to your food. For Organic Rice Wholesale contact with us.


1. Why Choose Organic Rice over Conventional Rice?

Organic Rice is evidently made without the use of harmful food additives like colorings, preservatives, flavoring etc whereas conventional rice uses them invariably.

And hence, organic rice is far safer, possibly more nutritious and it even tastes better than non-organic food. Also, organic farming is effectively safe and good for the environment and animals.

2. What are the health benefits of Organic Rice?

Eating organic rice offers numerous additional health benefits. When compared with conventionally grown mediocre food crops, organic foods contain fewer pesticides and close to zero food additives, minimizing your body exposure to harmful chemicals. Whole grain rice includes the outer musky husk of the rice and retains the maximum fiber content.

3. Which type of organic rice is healthy for eating?

There should be no such question relating to the unadulterated organic rice as all the mentioned organic rice are healthy and by far unique in their own way. Each rice type has a different amount of furious nutrients and has different added benefits. There are majorly two types of rice which are widely consumed. They are brown rice and white rice.

Organic Brown Rice: Brown rice provides a drastic “natural wholeness” to the grain and is evidently rich in protein, fiber, magnesium, thiamine, potassium, and even calcium. For people trying to lose weight or for people who are suffering from any type of diabetes, organic brown rice can prove to be an assured healthy staple, given its low glycaemic rating which helps to reduce insulin spikes in the patients. Organic brown rice is very much rich in selenium, manganese, in naturally occurring oils, and also helps the person in weight reduction.

Organic White Rice: Rice is a very common food in many cuisines around the whole world, and it is a very important seasonal cereal crop that feeds more than half of the world’s huge population.

It has many other added benefits like, its ability to provide fast and instant energy, it also regulates and improves bowel movements, it also stabilizes body sugar levels, it also evidently slows down the aging process, while also providing an essential source of vitamin B1 to replenish the human body.

4. How can I get loads of Organic Rice in Bulk?

Please contact our team of agronicfood, we will provide you with organic rice at a very reasonable price. For more details visit