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We own 4 processing centres facilitated with top-of-the-line technological equipment
All of our production processes such as cold pressing, pre-cleaning, sterilizing, grinding, sifting, packaging and shipping are overseen by experts in the field. We also subject our products to CO2 fumigation and steam sterilization in a highly controlled environment. We take special care to make sure that our products are pure and allergen free.

Agronic Food ensures compliance to high standards of quality and hygiene. Obtaining organic & food safety certifications from a myriad of regulatory bodies is a substantial achievement as it is only received by those conforming to organic regulations set by respective authorities.


Our products are certified organic from OneCert Asia on USDA/ NOP NPOP, CAR and EU standards. Our unit holds HACCP and BRC ‘A’ level Certificate which is a global standard for food safety. All our organic products undergo complete and rigorous 3 level quality checks.

Processing Cycle

Raw Farm Grade Produce
Dedicated Handling
Efficient Storage
Sorting, Grading & Cold Processing
Co2 Treatment
Testing on Organic Standards
3 Level Quality Inspection

Direct crop procurement from Selective Organic growing region for each product.

Handling from farm to processing unit under controlled conditions (temp., packaging, transport) allowing products to reach us in their maintained raw state.

Our state-of-art processing/ storage unit has been specifically designed to efficiently handle/ store different categories of products maintaining their aroma & color.

Color sortex machines are used to get a uniform grade of raw material which is further handpicked for 99.95% purity. Method of cold processing is followed to powder so that the color and aroma is kept intact.

A technique in which CO2 gas is flushed in products( to curb infestation, increasing their shelf-life.

A frequent practice on ready goods, where batches are randomly picked and tested on pesticides to be 100% sure on the status ‘Organic’.

 It’s all done on machines with less human involvement at this stage. Ready BPA free packaging is passed through Metal detectors as part of extended quality check.

Rigorous quality checks are performed by our expert team members at 3 different levels covering the entire cycle of a product quality.

Quality Assurance

Quality recognition is hardwired into our operations and all commitments from us are backed up by a robust system that tracks and regulates quality from end to end. Producing safe, high-quality, and nourishing food is fundamental to our company’s very existence. Food safety starts on the farm, where we have rigorous systems in place to cultivate organic products.


At the processing level our commitment is backed by significant investments in high – tech test facilities and qualified professionals in quality assurance. – Inhouse testing and quality check laboratory – BRC A level Certified unit – 3 Level critical quality inspection by dedicated quality executive team – Regular health and hygiene check up of the employees involved in the processing


Besides, we also offer pesticide and microbiological testing by renowned labs like Eurofin, SGS, Spice Board and Microchem.


We guarantee that our products will stand up to the toughest standards of the organic food industry and will meet the highest technical and food safety standards.


We offer a vast range of flexible packaging options while maintaining the organic integrity of the products.

Bulk Packaging

We supply all our organic products in bulk quantities across the globe. We ensure that the packaged product is completely protected during transit hazards such as shocks, vibrations, drops and climate hazards.

With Agronic Foods, you can be confident of receiving organic products of highest quality, at a very competitive price and in quantity that you desire.

10kg/ 25kg / 50kg – HDPE Bag, Paper Bag, Vacuum Packaging & Box Packaging


Private Labelling

Widen your product portfolio by adding our organic products under your brand umbrella, which promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty. We put your logo on the label, making it your very own organic food.

Our packaging and labels are tailored to meet your specifications so that you have control over price, size, package design, and product distribution.